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The 2-component-container from bekaplast s.r.o.



2-component-container with bottle for additional component:
For all liquid products which need a second component (two part mixtures):

  • 2-component-container 5 lt. with 0,5 lt. bottle
  • 2-component-container 10 lt. with 1,0 lt. bottle

Also available with UN-approval.


In case of orders above 10.000 pcs. you can individual choose the colors.


Suitable accessories like bubblestop or packingmaterials can be found here.

technical details

We will send you all technical details on your request.

application examples

2 component varnishes for parquet flooring 5 / 10 lt. product and 0.5 / 1.0 lt. hardener

You can request a quote here.
We will do a careful execution of your order promptly.

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